Features Overview

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Austeria Manipulated

Imagine two floating globes facing each other creating a space in between with highly contrasting attitudes but related in terms of their organizational attributes. The White Globe (below) is heavily defined by an organizational grid on a clean surface inhabited by humanoid creatures. (this grid is based in the work of the Radical Period from the 1960’s.) The Green Globe (above) is a synopsis of the agricultural landscape of planet earth. In which geometries and patterns are agricultural cities generated by factors like parcel subdivisions, access to water and irrigation technologies, and food markets. The installation consists of two horizontal surfaces (4’x8’) facing each other (upper and lower) creating a space of about 12 inches in height. That is intended to be visually integrated in the context of the park during the day and to be perceived as a luminous space in the darkness. The space between the two horizontal planes are placed at eye level of the viewers. The intent with this piece is to generate an awareness of the artificial environments of the planet and to understand how we generate our inhabitable space not based on mere aesthetic intentions, but by a degree of unconscious collective intelligence and sensibility that operates accordingly to our economic and cultural necessities which range from subsistence to commodity. It is our role as designers and artist to be fluent on these conditions and parameters to understand how our living environment is defined.


Superstudio, Atti Fondamentali. Vita - Supersuperficie. Pulizie di primavera, 1971. Lithograph. Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI.

supersurface grid

The lower plane is a luminous “Supersurface” containing humanoud figures giving scale to the ambiguous space inserted into the park. The luminous surface is intented to contrast with the upper surface of the Farm Land collage, creating a surrreal space in this specific context. During the day, the space in between planes is going to be complemented by the greenery of the park. During the night, the same space is going to appear floating in darkness.


Image Collected by Google Earth.

Farm Land Collage

The upper horizontal surface contains a collage made out of pieces of existing agricultural landscapes. These fields contain geometries that are the outcome of parcel subdivision, access to water, and irrigation technologies.